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  • Choose your advertising medium from a number of our trusted and valuable options. Hafiz media is a one stop shop for your brand to advertise via billboards, banners, pole signs, streamers, bridge panels, T-signs and Gantry signs        View our site Showcase
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    Hafiz Brothers
    We deal in all kinds of billboards in major cities of Pakistan.

  • Our team has the most extensive experience of helping clients position their brands to their consumers. Since 1988 Hafiz Media has grown its operations from Lahore to all major cities in Pakistan including Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar. You can browse our services here: Our Services
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  • We value or clients. We take pride in serving you! It is our motto to achieve your goals via focused advertising campaigns to help you achieve your target audience. That is why Hafiz media is offering you limited time discounts on our vacant billboards for details please click. Contact Us
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    Prime Billboard Location at High Traffic Areas.
    We have Prime billboard locations at high traffic areas to catch the eyes of vast audience.

Discover the advertising difference with us!

Branding your corporate identity is a major part of your business promotion. It's the first impression you give so it needs to stand out. Our experts have been creating branding and print solutions for over 5 years now. We have clients nationwide and every job is designed to suit your business needs. We have great skills for Billboard designing, Hoarding Designing, Banner Designing and Screen Designing with help of Digital Graphics. Our graphic department is fully equipped and having excellent knowledge from planning to deployment.
If you give us opportunity to print your billboard skins as well, we offer you 50% discount on designing cost. 100 percent Vutek printing at very economical rates which will show your product's real image to the World.

Providing billboard designing services to in bulk:

  • TV / Radio / Cinema /Theater
  • Film Makers
  • Agencies, Consultants Designers
  • Exhibitions & Trade Fair
  • Organizers, Management
  • Market Research Companies
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Current Projects by Hafiz Brothers Media Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Alkaram Textiles
Minnie Minors

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